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The Unbelievable Truth - S04E01
  • Reginald D. Hunter: *reading aloud* In the United States, cats have gone beyond domestication, with several having their own TV shows, underground comic books and product endorsements.
  • Rhod Gilbert: *buzz*
  • David Mitchell: Rhod?
  • RG: I’m gonna go with ‘They’ve gone beyond domestication and have their own TV shows, comic books and things like that.’
  • DM: No, no they haven’t.
  • RG: Top Cat!
  • DM: No, Top Cat’s not a cat, he’s a drawing.
  • RG: But he’s a drawing of a cat!
  • DM: Yes, that’s a sort of drawing, not a sort of cat. A tiger is a sort of cat, a drawing of a cat is a sort of drawing.
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